Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Excited for a Moment There

MMO-Champion has posted information about an as-of-yet unreleased beta build that has tons of new guild achievements. Upon first reading I missed the fact that these were guild achievements, and I thought that they were adding an achievement not only for looting 50k gold but also for looting 200k gold. Now those are 10 points I would have had to work for.

Similarly, raising 55 reputations to exalted would be quite the feat for an individual. I suppose this one is even a decent feat for a guild, though currently I think my guild sits at around 52 different exalted reputations, so the new reputations in the expansion should let us hit this without even trying.


  1. How many reputations are there which we don't have at least 1 exalted? AB, WSG, and Bloodsail I'd guess, but are there any others?

  2. A quick look at armory makes me think that between the two of us we're only missing Frenzyheart, AB, WSG, and Bloodsail amongst the ones that are possible. (Centaurs and Syndicate, for example, are not possible I don't think.) That's 51, so assuming someone has Frenzyheart we would have 52.

    But are they going to count existing ones? I thought I read somewhere that the only exception was going to be the legendary weapons and everything else would have to earned after the guild achievement system went in?

  3. Well, I know that for most achievements even if you've done them you'll have to do them again with your guild, but gaining reputations isn't really something you can do with your guild, so I assume it's just to have them all in the guild. It would be bizarre (not to mention terrible) if they made you do it again, especially considering that when it comes to many reputations you *can't* do it again on a character that's already done it. Some reputations allow you to lose a little bit to get under exalted and then gain them back, but the majority don't.

    I'm not sure about the looting tons of money ones, we might have to loot that much post 4.0. Otherwise I would imagine we are already pretty close to the 200k mark, if not far past it (I have about 55k looted on Sthenno).